Places to see in Scotland

scot'Scotland has many breathtaking places made of natural and man-made wonders that each and every traveler must visit these best gems around the country. It is also the best and favorite shooting spot for most film directors to capture these pleasant attractive places.
Mull over Galloway is Scotland’s most southerly point with dramatic cliff and beautiful whitewashed lighthouse to enjoy the hair-raising and magnificent views by taking photographs of natural beauty and vibrant flowers.
The kelpie is a tower which is of two mystical horse heads and is one of the largest equine sculptures in the world. It is the finest picturesque place. This two adorable horse looks like a real giant animal during night time as the entire place is decorated with lightning effects.
Fairy spool, Skye is a cascading waterfall through carved rock looks like a magical place and attracts the tourist to view the entire landscape. It is an out-of-sight place for adventure lovers as there are rocks and mountains with clear water.
Edinburgh castle is an ancient craggy stronghold gives an overlook of the capital city in the mainstream and is the finest tourist attraction of the country. This castle holds crown jewels and the stone of destiny that shows the ancient culture and traditional wears.